Theatrical Dance

Dance is an art, paint your dream and follow it – Steven Thompson

Determination  Movement Inspiration Achievement 

Congratulations to Abbey Smart from Katharine Mantle PAA on being presented with the DMIA Rising Star Award at the recent
Bayswater Festival of Dance October 2018

D.M.I.A. theatrical syllabi offer a diverse range of styles including- Classical Ballet, Tap, Jazz / Modern and Acrobatics. as well as levelled Theatrical examinations from tiny tots to Diploma and Examiner’s level  qualifications. Students studying DMIA exams will progressively
 learn theory related to their chosen style and they will continue to develop their understanding  and safe practises through out  their dance education.Theory involves but is not limited to the learning of French terminology in Ballet and anatomy  theory from Grade 5 onwards Examinations can be easily organised and examiners are locally-based. Teachers can choose their own examination dates..

D.M.I.A. members meet regularly to keep abreast of changes and developments in the society and welcome new members. Our friendly association endeavours to provide assistance to each other as well as to new members. We welcome your contribution and encourage you to become involved. Executive meetings are held each month

Why dance?

Dancing is a fun, healthy pursuit which promotes both physical and mental abilities. It provides fitness, co-ordination and an appreciation of music. It enables the development of Happiness, balance & co-ordination, flexibility & agility, stronger muscles & bones,improved memory skills,intrinsic creativity, fitness and an appreciation of music.
                                                                   Healthy  body–healthy mind

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