Dance Masters International Association
Schools Dance Program & Syllabus

DMIA  Social Dance Program
45 min Lessons
Recommended Program: 1 Lesson a week for 6-8 weeks
Courses can be catered to suit. Please contact

Example Dance Syllabus
Years 1-3

Line Dances

Birdy Dance
Mexican Hat Dance
Electric Slide
Bus Stop

Partner Dances

Heel Toe Polka

Slow Rhythm

Cha Cha Cha 

Movement to Music Games

Animal Movements

Hokey Pokey

Musical Statues/Bobs

Years 3-6

Line Dances
Electric Slide
Bus stop 



( 7-12 )

Line Dances
Chilli Cha Cha
Waltz across Texas



Partner Dances

Progressive Jive
Disco Barn Dance
Progressive Jive
Square Rumba



Partner Dances
American Smooth


WA Curriculum Links – Dance

Dance knowledge and skills ensure that, individually and collaboratively, students:
– develop confidence to become innovative and creative dancers to communicate meaning through body awareness, technical dance skills and performance skills.
– apply the elements of dance and choreographic skills through group processes to create dance that communicates meaning to an audience 
– develop aesthetic, artistic and cultural appreciation of dance in past and contemporary